Covid cases decrease, Movie Theaters Open

After one year of Covid-19, movie theaters, like AMC and Regency theaters, are reopening. Families and film enthusiasts will be able to return to theaters rather than staying home and watching movies from streaming services. When the pandemic started, film production came to a halt and studios weren’t able to release their movies like they had planned. But after a while, the production studios had begun releasing movies on HBO Max, but didn’t meet their mark financially since people didn’t have to spend their money.

In my opinion, movies that are being released now should wait till Covid is almost gone so that they can make the most of their money. When movies have been released during the pandemic, like Mulan and Wonder Woman, they didn’t make a lot of money due to the fact that people didn’t have to spend a lot of money and that they weren’t so good.

With Covid cases decreasing, and movies needing to be released, movie theaters across the country have been reopening which has been a positive sign for a lot of people like me, as it will make movie theaters money again. During Covid, movie theaters have lost $561 million since they have been closed. During this month, Los Angeles went from purple to red tier which has enabled businesses to reopen again, meaning people can go watch movies but in small percentages because of Covid.

My opinion is that we should wait till more Covid vaccines have been distributed, allowing the cases to go down so that we can return in bigger percentages and watch movies like we used to. When we stream movies we don’t get the same fulfilling feeling like when we had watched movies in theaters. Also, since HBO Max is releasing films the same day as theaters, these upcoming movies like Godzilla vs. Kong and Mortal Kombat won’t be making a lot of money.

When Covid cases decrease further, we will be back to normal in theaters watching movies like we used to instead of streaming films on apps or on our televisions. We will be able to enjoy the small delight of having candy in one hand, and our eyes towards a screen, enjoying the content and luxury that a movie theater provides, a feature we haven’t experienced in quite some time.