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10 Spooktacular Movies and Their Snack Pairing

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than by watching some spooktacular movies. If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy snacking while watching a movie. To make your movie night even more spooktacular, here is a list of 10 classic Halloween movies and their spooktacular snack pairings.

Ghostbusters (DALL-E3)

Ghostbusters: S’mores

When you’re feeling like watching a fun movie about a group of ghost hunters, this is the movie for you. To pair with this movie, what a more fitting treat than s’mores: the combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. This snack will satisfy your friends and friendly ghosts’ sweet tooths with inspiration by the character Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Corpse Bride Pretzel Fingers (Via Dall-E3)

Corpse Bride: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This Tim Burton movie is sure to be a crowd favorite. This movie is about a man who accidentally marries a dead bride. When coming up with a snack to pair, the idea that pops into a ghoul’s brain was chocolate-covered pretzels. It’s both sweet and salty, perfect for any ghoul. They also look like corpse’s fingers– just to give an extra touch of spookiness.

Sour Patch Kids | Hocus Pocus (DALL-E)

Hocus Pocus: Sour Patch Kids

This movie is a classic family favorite. It’s about three witches who are brought back from the dead on a Halloween night. These three witches love saying they love eating young souls, which is why Sour Patch Kids would be a perfect sour snack! They are sour and perfectly shaped like souls of little children.

Casper (DALL-E3)

Casper: Chocolate Covered Strawberries with ghost faces

Casper is a classic movie about a friendly ghost who wants to make friends. To go along with the ghostly theme of the movie, try making some chocolate-covered strawberries with ghost faces. Simply dip the strawberries in melted chocolate and use white chocolate to make ghostly faces.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (DALL-E)

Nightmare Before Christmas: Gummy Worms

This Tim Burton masterpiece is a must-watch during Halloween and Christmas. The movie is about Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween, who discovers Christmas Town. To pair with this movie, the citizens of Halloween Town suggest snacking on some gummy worms. The creepy-crawly texture of the worms is perfect for this spooky movie and also shares some love for fan-favorite character from the movie, Oogie Boogie.

The Addams Family (DALL-E)

The Addams Family: Ladyfingers

The Addams Family is a classic TV show that was turned into a movie, and most recently became more popular because of the new spin-off “Wednesday”. The movie is about a creepy family that loves all things dreadful. To pair with this movie, snap up some ladyfingers. These cookies look like fingers and are perfect for this spooky movie.

The Mummy (DALL-E)

The Mummy: Mummy hot dogs

The Mummy is a classic horror movie about an ancient Egyptian curse. To go along with the mummy theme of the movie, the Book of the Dead suggests making some mummy hot dogs. Simply wrap hot dogs in crescent roll dough to create a mummy-like effect. A perfect, tasty snack!

Beetlejuice (DALL-E)

Beetlejuice: Shrimp with cocktail sauce

Beetlejuice is a classic Tim Burton movie about a ghost who helps a couple haunt their old home. To go along with the bizarre theme of the movie, there is no better option than some shrimp with cocktail sauce. You may want to watch the movie to understand the uniqueness of this snack.

Coraline (DALL-E3)

Coraline: Button Cookies / Mango Smoothie

Coraline is a dark movie about a girl who discovers a secret door in her new home. To go along with the creepy and unsettling theme of the movie, Other Mother suggests making home made button cookies. These cookies are made to look like the buttons that Coraline’s “other mother” sews onto her eyes. Alternatively, you can also enjoy a refreshing mango smoothie, a yummy drink Coraline’s “other mother” makes her.

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (DALL-E)

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Pumpkin pie

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a classic Halloween movie that has been loved by generations. To go along with the pumpkin theme of the movie, the Peanuts crew suggests enjoying some pumpkin pie. The warm and delightful flavors of pumpkin pie are perfect for this classic movie.

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