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5 Netflix Movies to Watch in October

Caution scary and spooky movies are coming…
DallE-3 (via
A spooky collection of Filming materials

Netflix is one the top streaming services/platforms that everyone uses. They have over 3,000 movies that are categorized in 20+ different genres that you could choose from. You can watch old classics to Netflix’s new original movies. All this can be very overwhelming when choosing a movie to watch.

Here are some fun and spooky movies that are great to watch in October:

“Get Out”

Universal Pictures

Jordan Peele’s film Get Out is a striking experience. It has a lot of tension and thriller. This is an incredible picture that may be a little confusing at first. The story revolves around Chris’s first encounter with Rose’s parents, his new girlfriend. It seems a little strange even based on their very first encounter. You should watch the movie very attentively because it can be interesting!


Universal Pictures

Ma, which stars Octavia Spencer as Sue Ann, is a captivating and unsettling film. Tate Taylor wrote and directed the movie in 2019.It centers on a new student who becomes friends with this crazy circle of friends after moving to town. This odd woman takes care of things for them when they want to buy alcohol one day. They think she’s a cool older lady, but then things take a drastic turn. She gets a little obsessed…

“Fear Street Part One:1994”


Fear Street Part One: 1994 is based on a book series made by R.L Stine. It has a lot of thrillers, gory murder, and paranormal themes. It is also a part of a movie series that now consists of three movies. A group of high school students who have banded together to try to survive this cursed town are the subject of the first movie. It all starts with two schools who are rivals and get extremely competitive during a football game. A bus collapses when the school spirit becomes a bit too much. This is just the beginning; things will get incredibly witchy.

“Murder Mystery”

Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler (Netflix Pictures)

Murder Mystery has it all—comedy, mystery, and action! Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are two superb actors who play the main roles in this amazing movie. The story is a murder mystery, as the title suggests. The story begins with a married couple who are having some problems. They decide to go on a nice get away to revive their love. All of a sudden, they are involved in a billionaire’s murder mystery.

“The Invitation”


Now, The Invitation is a little different from the other movies that have been recommended! This is more of an intense romance, while there is still some suspense. There are also significant supernatural elements, if that’s your thing. It passes very quickly because you are so absorbed in what you are watching. The story now takes off with a regular girl who has recently lost her mother. With no background on her own family she goes to take a DNA test. Interestingly, they are in England and incredibly affluent. Things get a little strange when she makes plans to visit.


These days, we have access to a variety of streaming services, but Netflix is the one that has these intriguing movies. In October, here are some highly recommended films to watch when you are bored. Because they evoke a creepy, frightful atmosphere, particularly during Halloween. Enjoy these thrilling and fun movies!

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