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Top 10 Movies of 2023

Bruno Massao (via Pexels)
A Film Camera

There have been a large number of movies this year. Although not all of them are good or worth spending your precious time on, there have been countless great movies this year. The greatest movies released this year are of all different genres that a wide variety of people can enjoy. Here are the 10 best movies from this year in no particular order.

Spider-Man swings across the New York Skyline (Colombia Pictures)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

This movie is the epitome of a great animated Spider-Man movie. It has everything you can want. Great characters, fluid and beautiful animation, amazing story and it truly feels like it was made for fans, not just for financial reasons. Every actor puts their heart and soul into their characters–especially Shameik Moore and Oscar Isaac, who play Miles Morales and Spider-Man 2099. This movie is jam-packed with great moments that require multiple viewings to truly appreciate.

Oppenheim working on the atomic bomb. (Universal)


Oppenheimer is a biographical thriller about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the creation of the atomic bomb. It showcases the events leading up to the first use of a nuclear weapon and the emotions of those who changed the world. This movie is fantastic. The actors are phenomenal and feel like the people they are trying to play. It never gets off track or adds unnecessary facts that a lot of biographical movies do. Christopher Nolan does a great job and elevates the actors to new heights. Cillian Murphy, who plays Oppenheimer, does a great job of embodying him. Everything from his delivery and facial expressions are great and truly make you feel the emotions he’s feeling.

Movie Poster for ‘Asteroid City’ (Universal)

Asteroid City
Asteroid City is another great Wes Anderson Movie. This movie presents good ideas using a unique visual flair that is usual in a lot of Wes Anderson movies. The acting is solid and there’s a good story there too. It’s an interesting view of postwar America. To truly appreciate it, you’ll probably need to view it multiple times

Movie poster for ‘Showing Up’ (A24)

Showing Up

Showing Up is a movie where the suspense creeps up as the movie continues. The movie is about Lizzy, played by Michelle Williams, an art student who works in a small Portland college. She has an upcoming art exhibition and the movie showcases the struggles an artist faces and the small victories that are involved in this type of work. This movie is great thought out but peaks towards the end as all the elements climax and take this film to new levels.

Banner for ‘Barbie’ … and Ken. (Warner Bros.)


Barbie was highly anticipated throughout the whole year. When it finally came out it was met with great reviews but also confused some audience members. They were taken aback by the story and ideas that it explores. The movie explores Barbie realizing the double standards there are in the capitalist society she lives in. This is also a very comedic movie that even with the topics explored, is still something that everyone of all ages will enjoy.

Priest Lucas embarks on his trek. (Snowglobe Films/Garagefilm International)


You probably haven’t heard of Godland as it isn’t that popular. Even though it hasn’t received the same attention as other movies doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best movies this year. With beautiful cinematography, it takes you to a new world, following the main character, a Dutch priest sent to Iceland to spread the word of God. The film explores the loss of sanity and reality someone can feel when sent to a foreign location for a large duration of time with only oneself a majority of the time. The actors are great and the movie manages to always keep you engaged and interested throughout.

Poster for ‘Blackberry’ (Elevation Pictures)


Blackberry is a movie about the creation of the Blackberry, similar to previous films about the same idea such as The Social Network. It starts like most technology movies with the creators making their product in a garage but it focuses on the downfall of the company very closely. Showcasing that no matter how extravagant your invention can be it can also be taken over by another better creation. The acting is phenomenal and the tone helps carry you through the movie.

Poster for ‘Saint Omer’ (Les Films du losange)

Saint Omer

Saint Omer’s plot is about Rama, a novelist played by Kayije Kagame, attending the trial of Laurence Coly. This movie explores deep interesting emotions and questions raised by a case like this. It tries not to linger on simple ideas or conclusions.

Poster for ‘The Civil Dead’ (Utopia)

The Civil Dead

The Civil Dead, written and acted by Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas, is one of the best comedy movies that have come out in recent years. The plot is about a haunting but instead of trying to scare the audience it tries to make them laugh. It’s about friendship and the things that come with it. The comedy comes from the fact that the main character, Clay, is the only one who can see the ghost. It’s a very good comedy and buddy movie that is very accessible to multiple viewers.

Poster for ‘You Hurt My Feelings’ (A24)

You Hurt My Feelings

People have always taken feedback negatively. You Hurt My Feelings explores that. When a writer, Beth, played by Julia Louis Dreyfus, overhears her husband Don, played by Tobias Menzies, mention to a friend that he doesn’t like her debut novel. She takes this to heart and this leads to multiple problems that create a rift in their relationship. This movie brings suspense with comedy, combined with great acting, and makes a good film and explores a simple problem everyone deals with, criticism.

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