Make Money Through Code

Students Can Make Money by Using Code

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         As the years go by, technology and software get more and more innovative but who are the people behind these innovations and improvements. They are developers who create everything from games to software, and some of their products become very successful. Developing a program may seem hard at first, but once you understand your program, it’s easy and fun. Some of these developers go on into jobs involving computer science and programming. Students are also using the money they make from programming to put towards their college tuition.

          There are many services and a lot of software that can help you create a program. Two common things students are creating are utility programs and video games. These two areas of programming are incredibly profitable, but with the uprise of other games and programs, competition may be extreme. The hardest part would have to be coming up with an original idea. When you do get an idea, you need to start thinking about what mechanics your program/game will use and what programming language you will use. Programming languages are the “code” for your program or game. There are multiple languages you need to find one that works for you. Programming languages range in difficulty and learning curve. It is suggested you start with something lightweight and once you feel confident move up. Learning programming languages is similar to learning real languages as you must learn how to use specific functions and how to format the code.

           Creating Programs may be more profitable in some cases although typically are harder to develop and manage. Programs can be for utility, assistance, or fun. Although most students do not create programs, the ones who do may get more experience if they ever go into computer science. A downside is there are a limited amount of languages that can be used to create programs. Most students who create programs create them for a game to run inside of it.

         Creating games is often slightly easier than creating programs, and there are a lot more languages to do it in and a lot more engines to assist your creation. Most students go to game creation as it is still a very profitable and fun business. The process in creating your game has multiple steps which can help you plan and build it. Your first step would be to pick what kind of game you want to create as there are numerous genres of games. After that, you would need to find a programming language/engine to create your game in and learn how to use it. You also need to create the plot/story of your game, if it has one, and the assets (models, textures, etc) for it too. There are multiple places you can publish your game where people can purchase it, and you can get real money.

         Overall creating and establishing your own game or program is a great learning experience. Students gain skills in patience, creativity, and hard work, which benefit them later on in computer science and life in general. Working out your program or game is a fun thing to do because you’re creating something others would enjoy as well as yourself.