The Magic is Back: Disneyland Reopens


Photo by APW

Disneyland reopens their gates and welcomes guests in while enforcing COVID precautions.

When the pandemic hit, theme parks were quick to close and allowed no access to the public. After a whole year, they’re finally reopening and the one that many people seem to be the most excited about is Disneyland. Disneyland now welcomes their guests in for a magical visit, all while taking precautions.

Before officially reopening, Disneyland allowed park-goers to walk around the park and try their new treats. This received a lot of attention from locals and many loved the idea of this, which ended up causing big lines to form outside of the theme park. Disney took this time to better the experience for their guests by making the park as lively as it was before the pandemic struck, while ensuring safety for visitors.

When visiting the park, you should be aware that you must still wear a mask. Disney staff members will check your temperature at the front gates before entering the park, and make sure to keep your distance from others. This is a big decision that Disney made and if no one takes the precautions seriously, we might go back to how it was before. There’s great advantages for this, meaning the pandemic brought pros to the Disney park. The lines go by faster and sometimes there may be even no line at all. Another great thing is that Disneyland is only open for California residents.

During the shutdown, Disney lost about $5 billion. The company had to give up $3.5 billion to close the park and then another $1 billion to shut down in the second half of March. This was a big problem for Disney because instead of gaining money, they were losing millions of it. Since more and more people are visiting each day, Disney will be able to get that money back and profit as visitors get to have a good time at Disney while following the safety COVID protocols.