Taft Students Go to College


As the end of the year begins to get closer, students beginning to prepare themselves for the next step in their lives. At the beginning of the semester, students had the piles of stress with the college applications and financial aid submissions but now it is the time where they hear back from those colleges and decide where they want to go next. We created a survey asking students what colleges they had been accepted to and if they were excited. This is what they said:


Alexa Cozlovschi: Laguna College of Art and Design

“I’m excited because I can leave and start a new “life” doing the thing I love best: Art.”










Odalys Morales: Pierce College

“I’m excited because it’s a new chapter in my life.”










Zoe Nazarian: Pierce College

“I am excited to move on with my life and work on growing my brand!”








Josie Trinidad: Pierce College and Channel Islands

“I am excited to enter adulthood and begin college life.”










Kelly Cervantes: Santa Monica College

“I am excited since it is college and I want that experience.”










Anaché Varteressian: Pierce College, Santa Monica College

“I am excited to be an adult.”










Alex Rosales: Pierce College

“I am excited to be independent when it comes to academics and to choose my own schedule. I am also ready to leave high school. It’s time.”










Daniela Cid: Pierce College

“I’m excited because I get to experience new things.”










Akif Khaled: CSUN, Cal State Monterey Bay, San Francisco State, and Cal State Fullerton

“I can’t wait to experience college life and meet new people.”










Anthony Pina: CSUN Music Program

“I am excited because I have always wanted to be a movie score composer.”










Melanie Rivas: CSUN

“I am excited to get out of Taft.”










Sara Vela: CSUN

“I am excited because I’ll get to experience more than what I could experience in high school. Especially to be able to enjoy learning about Psychology.










Queen Conteh: CSU Monterey Bay, CSUN, Cal Lutheran University, University of San Francisco, Arizona State University

“I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life.”










Jack Zisfain: Woodbury University, CSUN

“I get to study my passion and hopefully learn to perfect my eventual career.”










Charisma Yousefzadeh: Tuskegee University

“I get to get away from Los Angeles.”










Laurent Chang: Cal Poly SLO, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State, Tulane

“College is cool.”










Sarah Hunt: Seattle University, Sarah Lawrence College

“To finally get out of high school and move on with my education.”









Nicole Elbaz-Deckel: UCLA



This is only a few of the many seniors who are headed to college in the Fall, I would personally like to congratulate all my fellow seniors for beginning a new chapter in their lives!!