Prom Court: An interview with Taft 2022’s Prom King and Queen!


Michelle Lacson

The Prom King and Queen, dancing to the tune of “Can I Have This Dance” from High School Musical.

Seniors celebrated their prom on April 30th, 2022 at the Skirball Center. Many of them had a blast, dancing the night away with their friends and creating one of a kind memories.

Among the night’s festivities, the prom court voting was one of the biggest events. After weeks of running and elimination, the couple Jason Umana and Marianne Henriquez came up on top. Winning prom king and queen is something that many people only dream about.

I was so ecstatic and relieved once I had heard my name but I was totally caught off guard by the dance thing,” said Jason.  “I had no clue that that was going to happen.”

Marianne said how wonderful the moment felt for her too.  “I felt so happy to have won and hear all of our friends cheer for us!”

The prom had glowing things to say about the whole Prom experience that Senior Steering put together.
“I think our school did an amazing job at making prom look as nice as it did,” said Marianne.  “I had a great time dancing and seeing everyone look great.”

Jason similarly felt that Taft did a mostly good job as well.  “Prom was super nice. George Alexa Chicha and the prom committee definitely put in that work as everyone can see in the photos. I loved the whole theme and everything but I’m not gonna lie I do wish there was a different style of music and more slower paced songs.”

To next year’s Prom runners, Marianne had this to say.  “If you’re thinking about running, I definitely encourage you to. It’s a great experience to help you leave your comfort zone and campaigning is so much fun.”

Taft’s Prom King Jason felt a strong sense of gratitude.  “I just really want to thank everyone who supported us and got us that far because we really couldn’t have done it without you guys. I was baffled to have seen how many people had voted for us so we are just super grateful towards everyone. Also, I did not see one person at the event who did not look amazing so I’m just saying the Class of 2022 is the best class! I wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors!”