Hydration Stations on Campus



David Dastmozeh
Filtered water fountain at Taft High School

It is important for students at Taft Charter High School to stay hydrated every day with the new built-in water systems Taft provides. These new water fountains provide filtered water and can refill bottles of any size. There are three of these fountains located throughout Taft’s campus. This is great because it allows students to stay hydrated all throughout the day. Taft installing these new water systems is very important and beneficial for students staying hydrated. Students on campus are well aware of the need to stay hydrated and when talking to Cameron Dianti they said: “I believe staying hydrated is very important because it affects how much energy a person has and how they do in school.” Lana Kaladjian, a senior at Taft, also felt the same as Cameron saying “I think staying hydrated for students is very important, in and out of Taft. It is important to remain healthy, which is a necessity for children who are learning. It also removes waste from your body. Being hydrated definitely affects how you perform in school. If you are not hydrated, it may cause you to be tired, which is the worst thing that a student can be. A student has to be fully alert at school in order to learn new things and maintain information.” It is important for other students to know the importance of staying hydrated and the benefits that come with staying hydrated.