New Instagram Update 2019: How to Update & What’s Changing This Year

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New Instagram Update 2019: How to Update & What’s Changing This Year

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Prepare for a More Polished Profile


This year, everything from your highlight covers to your Insta grid needs to look perfect if you want to earn those all-important followers. If you’re going to get some serious results in 2019, then the first thing you need to do is make sure that your profile stands out. There are plenty of great ways that companies can figure out how to update Instagram for 2019, from improving their story content to working on their profile.


However, it’s worth noting that the appearance of your profile could be changed. Instagram has said that although the grid displaying your videos and images won’t change, the icons above the grid may be altered, and the position of your profile pic could be different too.

Detox Tea Ads Will Be Limited For Minors

Advertisements for so-called “detox teas” products that market themselves as weight loss tools, but functionally work are all over social media. Detox tea ads on Instagram are promoted through celebrity pages and influencers alike. And these ads can have lasting detrimental effects on young people’s self-esteem just as detox tea’s health effects can wreak havoc on users. Now, Instagram will restrict how these posts can be promoted to avoid their showing up on the feeds of people.

Speak to your Customers Through Instagram Live


A great way to start building better relationships with your users in 2019 is to take advantage of the various features available on Instagram Live real-time video sharing solutions on Instagram. Live allows you to reach out to your followers engagingly and intimately. What’s more, Instagram Live questions and polls mean that you can connect with your followers and see their responses.

Find More Followers with Hashtags and Locations

By adding relevant hashtags and location tags to your content, you can also make sure that your stories appear in additional news feeds for people conducting specific searches. Locations and hashtags often have their page results on the Explore page that helps people to find content that’s close to them. If you haven’t started using locations in your content yet, 2019 could be a great time to start.

Make More Money with Shoppable Tags

When shoppable tags first appeared in 2018, they were massive news for anyone hoping to improve their market reach on Instagram. Primarily, these tags work like stickers that appear on an Instagram image, letting people know that they can click to buy the item in a picture or video. If one of your followers taps the sticker, they’ll be taken to your product catalog to but whatever it is they want.


Instagram has already announced that it’s starting to test a feature that will allow companies to create a miniature app within Instagram itself.