Dance Concert- Our Universe Revealed

Taft’s fantastic dance department held its annual dance concert this semester for three nights! This year’s theme was ̈ Our Universe Revealed.̈ The meaning behind the theme is how the dance team shows the audience their world of dance is filled with passion, energy, and love, and, through dance, they express themselves. The dancers performed a variety of dance genres such as hip hop, contemporary, jazz, and so much more.

The main director of the dance concert is Mr.McKinely, but to help him and the dance team were the other coaches Nessy, and Taft Dance Team alumni Da’vonte and Ashley. When coming up with choreography, the dance team members and coaches are in charge of creating them before the dance concert, as well as Mr. McKinley, who was in charge of choreographing three dances. Once the dances are done, members of the dance team had to audition for the coaches to determine who will be best in specific dances. When it came to practice, they practiced every week leading to the show, starting from period 6 to 5:30. Then on weekends, and even sometimes during 0 period from 7-8 if necessary.

Finally, the day of the dance concert came. Before the dance concert started, the dance team prepared themselves by stretching or sometimes doing freestyle. Once the lights dimmed, the show started. It began with the hip hop number called “20/20 Vision” that had the audience wanting to join them on stage. It then transitioned to the more lyrical ballad  “I’m Free Now,” which was choreographed by Junior, Meagan O’Neill. The dance was elegant because of the way the dancers moved gracefully and made use of their expressions. Another dance performed was “Rule the World”, which was another big group dance that showed all the dancers fighting and betraying one another for a chance at the crown to take the throne. The audience was yelling and on the edge of their seats. The dance was intense, and with the music, it added that extra element, and in the end, no one ended up getting the crown.

Junior, Meagan O’ Neill performed a solo dance to the song, “Someone you Loved” by Luis Capaldi. The dance signifies the difficulties she goes through, and it is difficult for her to open up to others, so in the dance, she was able to let out all her emotions. The message of the song can show in her movements and especially facial expressions. Throughout the dance, you can feel the emotion. It was a touching and unforgettable dance.

We asked both Juniors Pooja Kamarajugadda and Meagan O’Neill what was their favorite part of the dance concert, and Pooja said, “I just love dancing with my team but if I have to pick I would say the rehearsals are the best.” While Meagan said, “I like to show my passion and spirit. Then when I dance, I can get to all my emotions out.”

The dance team put lots of hard work and creativity into this year’s dance concert. What makes TDT special is the close bond they all share, especially with the coaches. They are an unbreakable team, and if you also want to try out for the dance team, they usually hold auditions in May, but look out next semester. Make sure to check out the dance concert next semester and to support Taft Dance Team!