AP Exam Season Has Begun

AP Testing Starts in May


R. Lasky

Signs are up around campus denoting rooms in which students are taking the test.

AP testing is here! Ap testing is a series of exams on college-level criteria based on subjects that the students have studied; passing the AP tests is a necessity for completion of the course. High AP scores open up opportunities for an individual such as college credit at various colleges and/or universities.

AP Testing is a two-week process going Monday through Friday, the first week being May 2 – May 6 and the second week being May 9 – May 13. The testing will commence twice daily at 8 a.m. or 12 p.m. Only AP Physics C; Electricity and Magnetism will begin at 2 p.m on May 10.

As AP Exams approach, teachers and students have begun to prepare – some practices starting weeks before the actual testing takes place. The AP courses take high demand for every student’s attention, and with exams around the corner, there are students preparing intensely.

“I’ve been trying my best to review the material I’ve learned over the course of this year by looking over notes and using the resources provided by my AP teachers. I’m confident in my work ethic. Hopefully, I’ll receive a minimum of 3.” Taft Student Mona states.

Emmanuel, another student preparing for the exams says, “I’ve been studying a lot. Minimum, I’d like a 4, maybe even a 5 on the exams.”

Teachers have also worked hard to help prepare their students for the nearing exams. Mr. Moreno, the AP Environmental Science Teacher notes, “I prepared the students by giving them FRQs, MCQs, reviewing notes, etc. We just did a mock AP test last week for my students as well. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m expecting good results!”

Mr. Moreno was very optimistic for his students, believing that most will get 5’s.

However, it is a given that the studying and focus that the exams call for can be immense and stressful.

Although Taft Student Mona is working hard, they also have their own concerns, “I dread and absolutely hate this time of year. Though I feel overwhelmed, I think I’ll be prepared by the time I take the tests.

AP Testing can be an exciting time as the school year comes to an end, but most students and teachers will be relieved when the exams are finished and the results are posted!

As Mona says, “I’m … excited to finally get it over with.”