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The Student News Site of Taft Charter High School

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The Student News Site of Taft Charter High School

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Hail and Lighting Downpour Takes Taft by Surprise

Irv Shelub
Rain storms in the Woodland Hills area

On the 7th of March, a thunderstorm rolled through select regions of Los Angeles County, unleashing a cascade of hailstorms and sporadic lightning strikes.

The Thunderstorm developed from a rainy system on Wednesday, March 6th. Although Thursday initially seemed clearer, a sudden thunderstorm persisted. The National Weather Service issued flash flood warnings for areas like Woodland Hills. In San Dimas, a thunderstorm warning described hail as pea-sized, ending any practices abruptly.

When speaking with Arnav, a Taft student, he explained “My reaction to the storm was excitement and then also sadness. Excitement because this was the first time in my life that I was able to experience hail. I was sad because this meant no tennis practice. I was affected because I got wet from the rain.”

Iphone alert regarding the hailstorms.

Thunderstorms, hail, and lighting all originate from cumulonimbus clouds, distinguished by their towering vertical structure and characteristic anvil-shaped top. These clouds form through a process called convection processes, sometimes culminating in tornadoes.

By Thursday evening, the harsh weather had subsided. Thunderstorms like this don’t occur often, but it’s crucial to be prepared when they do. The National Weather Service recommends quickly moving to a safe shelter, as no place outside is safe. Among other things, when inside, make sure to avoid contact with electricity, windows, doors, and porches.

For any additional weather updates please see the Taft Tribune website, where weather is posted daily.

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