LAUSD Announces Changes for the 2022-2023 Calendar


Karen Paxtor

LAUSD’s 2022-2023

As of April 26, 2022, the LAUSD school board unanimously voted to extend the 2022-2023 school year with classes starting at its usual date of August 15, 2022 but ending June 15, 2023, rather June 10th. They arrived at this conclusion after feeling that students need additional time to address learning loss after returning to in-person learning due to the pandemic.

This new calendar includes four additional optional days for accelerated instructional opportunities distributed across the school year. As of now, they will take place roughly around the 10 and 20 week marks of both semesters of the next school year. The school board hopes that these instructional days will allow students to meet their grade level expectations and earn a passing grade or better their understanding of their courses to get ahead.

“By giving students more time at school – and teachers more time to collaborate, plan, and develop relationships with kids – we can help our students accelerate their recovery from the trauma and disruptions of the pandemic,” Board President Kelly Gonez said. “These optional days are just one of the many strategies we’re pursuing to ensure our students have the academic and socioemotional support they need to be successful.”

As of now, Taft’s plans for the new and upcoming acceleration days are unknown. Administrators are still waiting on further information before making any definitive decisions.

The feedback from this calendar is mixed. Some have expressed displeasure that this plan was passed without any opinion from students and teachers and without care for how it may affect everyone involved. Some students are less than enthusiastic about the change, while others feel it will not really affect them or their school work.

Alessandra Mencia, a current junior and honors student, noted, “Especially after AP exams and finals, I don’t want my break from school to be shorter if we can learn the same stuff in a shorter period of time.”

However, other students don’t seem that upset by the change. Shane Chavarrae, a junior, said, “It doesn’t change anything for me, it’s only one week.”

English teacher Ms.Dormizzi commented, “I think it’s a great idea, I’m all for it, and I am always here for my students.”