Taft Highlights AP, Honors, Electives Through Annual Showcase


R. Lasky

AP, Honors, & Creative Arts Fair Flyer

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, Taft will have their annual AP, Honors, and Creative Arts Fair to introduce students to multiple upcoming classes in the 2023-2024 school year. Though held in Taft Hall in previous years, the event will take place on the service road during lunch to accommodate for the large amount of class.

The purpose of the fair is to let curious students find out how to apply for honors and advanced placement courses or learn about the electives that will be offered next year. The requirements to apply for these classes are becoming increasingly minimal every year, opening many doors for students to take advantage of these rigorous and rewarding courses.

During the event, teachers and student volunteers will help showcase by presenting projects, pictures, and information about the course. Students will also be informed about the prerequisites which typically consist of having taken a specific course. This year, teacher recommendations will not be needed for most classes to encourage more students to enroll.

Over the years, student curiosity has gravitated toward the AP Seminar elective according to Ms. Herman, the lead coordinator. It is one of the many popular courses that Taft has to offer because it prepares students with the research skills they need for college through a heuristic approach.

The event is for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, but seniors are welcome to volunteer with their teachers to promote their favorite courses.

Potentially four new AP and elective courses will be offered next year: AP Precalculus, AP African American History, Biotechnology, and Ceramics.

Beyond AP classes, the fair also highlights visual arts classes and electives.

Taft students have also shown a strong interest in higher level math courses as AP Calculus and Statistics still receive consistent enrollment. With the possible addition of AP Precalculus, it is likely that taking higher level math courses will increase at Taft in the following years.

Ms. Herman stresses that student interest is extremely important for these classes to be implemented next year. If there is enough interest in new courses, Taft will be able to officially offer the course.