NBA Trades Bring Changes to LA Teams


Markus Spiske

Basketball being thrown through the hoop

As we are finished with All Star weekend and into the halfway point of the season, we have gotten many changes in teams. The NBA trade deadline has passed and many teams have done crucial changes to their lineups that can put them as front runners for a championship.

These trades will have major impacts on our local teams: The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers.

The Lakers have made big moves in the trade deadline that have totally changed up their roster, which some say for the better. Thomas Bryant, a center, who requested a trade from the Lakers has been traded to the Denver Nuggets for Davon Reed and 3 second-round picks. The Lakers, losing their backup center Thomas Bryant, received Mo Bomba from the Orlando Magic for Patrick Beverly and a second-round pick. Then a few hours before the trade deadline Lakers made a trade that most say was a steal. They received D’Angelo Russel, Malik Beasley, and Jarred Vanderbuilt from the Minnesota Timberwolves for Russel Westbrook and a protected first round pick. This solves a lot of Lakers defense issues and opens the floor up for shooters. As we currently see the Lakers are 11th in the west looking to make the playoffs. Being 5-2 after the trade deadline puts them at a good paste heading to the postseason.

Moving to the Los Angeles Clippers, they were in need of a skilled point guard who can lead their two stars Kawai Leonard and Paul George to a championship. However, they were unable to secure one before the trade deadline. Instead, they managed to get Bones Hyland from the Denver Nuggets through a buyout. The Clippers also received Mason Plumlee from the Charlotte Hornets for Reggie Jackson. Even though they gave away their good point guard Reggie Jackson, Mason Plumlee is a very good center who can help with their rebounding problems. Their last trade was Luke Kenard for a former Clipper, Eric Gordan from the Houston Rockets. Eric Gordan, a shooter as well as a defender fills in that defense role that Luke didn’t bring. Currently since the trade deadline, the Clippers have been off to a rough start. Being 0-4 since acquiring Russel Westbrook, the Clippers are trying to bounce back from this losing streak and figure out the chemistry. As they’re 7th in the standings heading into the end of the regular season.

The blockbuster trade of this year happening outside of LA is Kevin Durant and TJ Warren from the Brooklyn Nets going to Phoenix Suns for Mikel Bridges, Cam Johnson, 5 first round picks and 2 second round picks. Even though this cost a lot for Phoenix, the trade puts Phoenix Suns in a great position to win the NBA championship. Suns still having stars Chris Paul, Devon Booker, and Deandre Ayton gives them the icing on the cake to win it all. From Lakers acquiring former guard D’Angelo Russel and Clippers receiving future hall of famer Russel Westbrook, the trade deadline brings exciting changes and a new hope for LA teams in fighting to make the postseason.

There being only four weeks left of the regular season, every team needs to make a push to finish off and head into the playoffs.