Prom ’23: A Starry Night at the Odyssey


Senior Steering

The dance floor of the Apollo Room at the Class of 2023’s Prom.

On Saturday, May 20,2023, the Class of 2023 all gathered for their once-in-a-lifetime Prom Celebration at Granada Hills’ The Odyssey. The event was held from 7 pm-11 pm, with check-in starting at 7 pm. The final time for students to enter the venue was 9 pm. Seniors spent their time eating the delicious appetizers and dinner, taking memorable pictures at one of the photo booths, or gazing upon the breathtaking view from the terrace. To commemorate the night, the Class of 2023 received gift boxes, containing a Prom 2023 key chain and chocolates. It was most certainly a fun, riveting, and memorable night for Taft’s graduating class.

Starry, Starry Night

The Taft Steering Committee did a great job making the main room, the Apollo Room, look presentable and ready for a night of fun. There were lights as well as beads that created a canopy over the dance floor. Stars were hung from the ceiling. Tables were set up with white tablecloths, and an arrangement of white roses sat in the middle. Some were adorned with a gold and blue balloon arch. The main color palette that painted the venue was blue, silver, gold, and white. The balcony, which was an alternative to the hot main room, puts you quite literally under the stars as fairy lights light up the surrounding nature. Another photo booth is set up with a starry backdrop, and the boba stand also follows the color palette of the night.

This year’s prom brought a new attraction never seen before in Taft Prom History: A Boba Bar. The Boba Bar was a popular attraction at this year’s prom. (Senior Steering)


A variety of delicious food was offered at this year’s prom. Within the first hour of prom, waiters passed out appetizers such as bruschetta and fried shrimp. For the main course, the venue offered caesar salad, roasted potatoes, chicken, and pasta. Along the walls, there were tables that offered bowls of popular candies and desserts such as cookies. There was a drink “bar” that offered students cups of Coke or Sprite to quench their thirst. The Boba Station, a first in Taft Prom history, was outside on the terrace and was one of the most popular aspects among students.


Promgoers had mixed feelings regarding the night’s music, though most attendees would say that the DJ knew how to get people hyped and on the dance floor. Both new and older songs were played throughout the night, and all of them seemed to be pretty popular with students and even some teachers. Songs included Party in the USA, Just Wanna Rock, and they finished off the night with Flashing Lights. Couples seemed slightly disappointed as not many slow songs were played, the only slow song that was played was “Snooze” by Sza.


Overall, the venue was well organized and elegant. There were two sections of the venues where seniors spent their time: the inside venue and the terrace.

Inside the Apollo Room

The inside venue, dubbed the Apollo Room, was decorated with small fairy lights and was pretty dim. The dance floor was at the center of the venue with the disc-jockey’s table (which was decorated with the Taft logo) looming over it. Speakers blasted music from various corners of the room. Small circular tables that could hold at least 6 people were at each side of the dance floor. There was a small bar that gave out other Coke or Sprite to those who wanted it. Waiters walked the floors, passing out appetizers like shrimp, bruschetta,etc, to those who were waiting for the main course. Near the main entrance, there was a Candy Table, that was located next to the “bar” and a small dessert section. There were opportunities to take pictures at all four corners of the venue via photo booth or backdrops.Bathrooms were located outside of the venue room, within the same building.There was a limited amount of chairs, so some people had to share a chair when it was time for Prom King and Prom Queen. Though it was very well-put together, the space could feel cramped at times, leading to the venue becoming a sauna. This led to students going to the terrace to get some fresh air.

On the terrace

Outside of the Apollo room, down a small,creaky, flight of wooden stairs, was a terrace that gave prom goers a beautiful view of the city. There were tables where we could dine and converse. Across from the tables, there was a 360 photo booth along with a boba bar that students gravitate towards. Students used the view for pictures. As the night progressed, students came outside to relax a little after dancing.

The Candy Table offered students small treats to snack on throughout the night. (Senior Steering)

Prom Court

Towards the end of the night, students rushed to their seats to hear the announcement of this year’s Prom King and Prom Queen and other members of the Prom Royal Court, which were announced by Jordan Brookenthal and Sarah Fierson. This year’s Prom King and Prom Queen were….Jaylen Howard and Wade Felt. The Prom Prince and Princess were awarded to Troy Sharma and Alessandra Mencia. Everyone screamed with excitement for the 2023 Royal Court. Everyone joined the Royal Court on the dance floor for the couples’ dance.


Overall, not only did the 2023 graduates ultimately set the tone for future proms, but it was a memorable night for both students and teachers alike. It was a job well done for the senior steering committee. Students were pleasantly surprised with how the night turned out. As students arrived, they were kindly greeted by teachers and staff and transported to a night under the stars with their friends. Everyone dressed in their best attire for a night of nights, ready to enjoy the evening. A lively crowd was seen on the dance floor dancing the night away, and the music kept the energy flowing while photobooths and photographers were at the ready to capture the memories of the night. The terrace was a nice and relaxing place for grabbing a custom boba drink, taking photos, conversing with peers, and admiring the city view—a calmer, change of pace from inside. Once it was time, everyone relocated to the main Apollo room in anticipation, ready to hear the results of this year’s prom court. Students finished off the night dancing and singing along to the last song, Flashing Lights, and were sent home with complementary socks and souvenirs. This once in a lifetime evening was deemed as success by students.