Taft Holds Spring Concert


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The taft band opens the concert with Daniel Gruber (black suit) giving the welcoming.

As the school years comes to a close, the Taft Marching Toreadors took to the stage for their last performance of the year for their spring concert. Songs in the beginning of the new year were prepared for the final stage to showcase the musical talent these students have.

“It’s an exciting moment,” says senior Jennifer Pitcher, one of the flute players in the band.

“As someone who has been here for 4 years, it’s an exciting close for seniors and new beginnings for the newbies.”

Every day students spend hours practicing and preparing for this day to perfect their work and give the audience a well deserved performance. The band Director Daniel Gruber, prepares them for weeks on end to ensure his students are at their fullest potential and can give the audience a true performance.. With classical pieces such as “Second Suite” and modern pieces like “Harry Potter”. Visitors filled the seats, all of which were of varying different ages to watch the performance.

The show itself opened with their Advanced String Orchestra, playing classical pieces. Their performers wore vibrant and colorful outfits as a representation of spring flowers, bringing life to the stage itself.

The intermission brought out the music program’s string quintet, with soothing and vibrant music for those to adjust prior to the main band’s performance.

As the main Advanced Band took the stage, applause echoed throughout the crowd. The director, Daniel Gruber spoke of the meaning behind each song piece and how it directly affected the band. As the show continued, he paid homage to the graduating seniors of the band, passing them roses and having their predecessors perform the Taft Alma mater as a thank you for their hard work. Once the band finished performing, they took their final bow as applause filled Taft Hall.

They exited the stage as they closed the final musical season and semester for the Taft Band.