Cafe Review: Paris Baguette Delights with Breads and Pastries


Kaylen R.

Inside Paris Baguette

Bakeries are great for the community, with their freshly baked goods. Who wouldn’t want something to snack on in the morning?

A chain bakery opened up in Woodland Hills off of Ventura Blvd. That being Paris Baguette founded in South Korea.

I had decided to try out it’s baked goods to see what they had to offer.

To start off, their mini garlic croissants were first on display. There they are wrapped in a plastic bag with a blue tie around it. The taste of the product itself is very flavorful, with it’s garlicky taste along with sweetness it perfectly balances each other out. Their signature croissants as well have a sweet taste to it, not as strong but definitely there.

As someone who likes sweets this is definitely something to go for if you don’t like something that is overly sweet or overly bland.

The cheese tarts also have a sweetness to it, it is quite a small tart compared to many but overall I would say it’s something good to snack on.

They also have Soft Cheese Cakes on display, which is a surprise as these cheesecakes are not as common to find. It is wrapped in plastic and has a reminiscence of a twinkie with its shape. As it says in the name it is very soft, it’s almost as if it has a cloudy or foam texture to it.

The bakery also has cake slices out on display for people to look at and choose.
More noticeable ones are the Strawberry Soft Cream Cake, Rainbow Cake and Blueberry Chiffon.

To each are different from each other, I recommend the Soft Strawberry Cream Cake to those who want something sweet and a slice of cake with a moist texture. The Rainbow Cake for those who want something fun but also not super sweet. The Blueberry chiffon for those who want something who wants a perfect balance of sweetness and plain.

This Bakery definitely has a common theme of sweetness when it comes to baked goods excluding their Gourmet Sandwiches that are out on display and ready to be toasted. This Bakery has a home-like vibe to it, perfect place to enjoy goods while studying, catching up on work assignments or even hanging out with friends and family. Paris Baguette is a must go for everyone in the community to enjoy.