Taft Football Field Nears Completion


Jonah Cohen

construction on the football field

With the $145 million modernization project, Taft Charter High School has recently unveiled its new football field, complete with state-of-the-art features that are sure to impress both players and spectators alike. Due to its current physical state, seismic risk factors, obsolete public access, the number of temporary classrooms, and site congestion, Taft Charter High School was chosen as a site for modernization, and the football field is one of the first aspects to be completed.

Addressing the renovation, Taft Charter High School Principal Steiner says, “On behalf of the entire Taft Charter High School community, we are beyond grateful to the taxpayers, the Los Angeles Unified School Board, our parents, and everyone responsible for making this happen. This is a historic moment for Taft Charter High School and a game changer for our physical education classes, our athletic programs, marching band, spirit squads, and the entire student body.”

The new field boasts high-quality artificial turf that has been specially designed to mimic the feel of natural grass, providing players with a more realistic and comfortable playing surface. The synthetic grass is also good for our environment as it reduces exposure to pollutants and keeps unnecessary emissions out of the atmosphere. The field is also equipped with cutting-edge lighting systems, ensuring that games can be played in the evening without any visibility issues.

In addition to the playing surface itself, the field also features a range of amenities designed to enhance the overall experience for both players and fans. This includes a modern scoreboard that provides real-time updates on the game as well as comfortable seating for spectators.

Taft Charter High School Junior, Arel Madadshahi says, “The renovations are starting to come together and it’s looking fantastic. Personally, I struggled in big classroom sizes, so I’m happy this is getting paid attention to. I am especially looking forward to my senior year and being the first class to graduate on the new field!”

The new field is expected to draw significant attention from fans and players alike, with many already expressing their excitement about the upcoming season. It’s not just for the game played on the field, It’s creating the atmosphere and making memories in the stands for the student body, for the parents, and for everybody at Taft. Taft Charter High School’s football team, the Toreadors, will begin playing on the new field in the fall, and fans are already eagerly anticipating the start of the season.

As well as the football field, Taft has set some of the money towards seismic upgrades for the school’s multifunction room, restrooms, an industrial arts facility, and administration building. Along with multiple additional utilities, improvements to the plumbing and air conditioning are planned.

Overall, the new Taft Charter High School renovation project represents a significant investment in the school’s athletic program and modernization, providing students with access to top-quality facilities that will help them excel both on and off the field.