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PTO Halloween Costume Contest Sends Shivers Down Student Body’s Spine

Valerie Parada
Jack in the Box

On October 31, students at Taft High School gathered at Lower Lunch by the Service Road to celebrate Halloween with a Costume Contest. The event, organized by the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), showcased creativity, humor, and spooky vibes, offering students a chance to flaunt their costumes and win prizes.

PTO member Leegie Parker said of the event, “We were thrilled with the level of participation and enthusiasm of both students and staff!” The contest featured several categories, with In-N-Out gift cards up for grabs for the winners.

The categories included “Most Creative,” “Most Original,” “Funniest,” “Scariest,” and “Best Duo/Group.” The costumes showcased a mix of pop culture references, classic Halloween scares, and imaginative groups.

In the “Most Creative” category, Ted Lasso and Jack from Jack in the Box took the win with their unique costumes. The attention to detail and originality in their attire wowed the judges and fellow students.

Ted Lasso (Valerie Parada)

The “Most Original” award went to the student who dressed as the iconic Hellboy character. The completely homemade Hell Boy costume stood out with its intricate makeup, costume design, and embodiment of the character’s essence.

Hellboy (Valerie Parada)

For the “Funniest” category, a student’s interpretation of former President Donald Trump was an absolute hit with the audience. The costume was humorous, as well as satirical, generating laughter and applause from the audience and staff attending.

Former President Donald Trump (Valerie Parada)

In the “Scariest” category, the werewolf costume along with the terrifying Taft football player sent shivers down students’ spines as it snagged the top prize.

Spooky Football Player (Valerie Parada)
Werewolf (Valerie Parada)

For “Best Duo/Group,” it was the Super Mario and Princess Peach couple that stole the show. Their well-coordinated costumes and playful interactions drew admiration. A close second in this category were the participants dressed up as hilarious inflatable babies.

Super Mario & Princess Peach Duo (Valerie Parada)
Inflatable Baby Duo (Taft High Instagram)

The staff of the Counseling Office also showcased their school and Halloween spirit by dressing up as bees. Ten were dressed up as bees and Ms. Yu was dressed up as a beekeeper, displaying creativity and a clever group-coordinated approach. The Halloween Costume Contest at our school brought the community together for a day of fun and imagination. With a diverse range of costumes and a contagious spirit of celebration. It once again proved that creativity and camaraderie are alive and well in the student body. Congratulations to all the participants and winners for making Halloween a memorable occasion at Taft High School.

Taft Staff, Counseling, and College Office (Taft High Instagram)

For a closer look at the colorful and inventive costumes from the event, be sure to check out the Taft Instagram page.

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