Club Rush

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       Club Rush took place on September 14,  where students can join and interact with a variety of clubs. Each of these clubs presents opportunities for kids to grow as people in many ways. In clubs, you can be yourself, ask questions, be funny, be serious and all without being judged. When joining clubs you can meet new people and grow a bond with them. Many kids are filled with excitement and eager to join. Taft has different kinds of clubs with different kinds of opportunities. There is a variety of clubs, for example, Sex Squad, Jewish club, Chess Club, Unicef club, and Knights and Ladies, etc. Joining a club would not only make your days better but it will also make your high school experience better and it will look good in your college applications. Glad to have seen clubs promoting themselves as well as an opportunity to show off what makes this campus great !! Check below for all the different clubs maybe you might find one that you are interested in.


Club Name

Meeting Days

Club’s Purpose

Active Teens Tuesday’s nutrition B106 community service helping others
American Cancer Society Fridays at lunch in M225 make cards and bracelets for cancer patients and make them happy
Animal Rights Club Tuesdays at lunch in B203 to raise awareness on modern societal views of animals and agriculture
Art Club Tuesday at lunch in E232
BBC – Bonkers Book Club Wednesday in the library at 3:30 to discuss and enjoy reading books
Black Student Union Wednesdays lunch M262 To unite black and minority students alike into a safe space for free speech
Cans for the community Tuesday’s E239 lunch To donate canned food to the needy
Cartoon Drawing Club Wednesday at lunch in E131 to teach how to draw some cartoons and anime and color
Chess Club Wednesday and Friday lunch in M162 teach and play chess
Compassion in Action Mondays at lunch in E238 empowers students to advocate for animal rights
CSF Wednesdays at lunch in Oral Arts providing volunteer services to the neighboring communities around Taft
Craft Club every other Tuesday at lunch in M263 inspire creativity through educational crafts
CCB Book Club wednesday 3:12-4:00 pm in the Library to read modern and old books, review the ends, and analyze the books
Creative Media Arts Wednesday lunch B201 To provide a business orientated and safe environment for artists
Cyber Patriots Wednesdays after school in Lib-Lab to provide experience and knowledge to prepare for official Cyber Patriots competitions
DHH Wednesday at lunch in D119 to provide and promote academic, social, cultural and recreational activities for its members
Diabetes Awareness Club Tuesdays at lunch in E235 To spread awareness about diabetes, and promote JDRF to help find a cure
DnD Club Thursdays 3:30-4:30 pm in E239 to be a club for enjoying tabletop games
Dog Rescue Club Monday lunch in M263 to volunteer at pet orphans of la to clean, feed, and exercise rescued dogs
Drama Club Wednesdays at lunch in Oral Arts to create an environment that we can create in
Earth Club Mondays at lunch in D123 to help the environment
Economic Club Tuesdays at lunch in M263 teach about economics
Excellent Math Club Tuesday’s lunch T253 To prepare for competitive mathematics competitions and compete in local competitions
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Tuesdays at lunch in D123 teach students about Jesus
Female Empowerment Club  at lunch in C117 to discuss, educate, and raise awareness of issues relating to gender equality
Filipino Club Thursday at lunch in E239 to strengthen the Filipino community within the school and enlighten ourselves on the culture
Find Your Calling Club every other Tuesday at lunch in C110 to help students find out what they can contribute to society
FIDM Fashion Club Fridays at lunch in C115 designing, fashion, and learning about FIDM
Fried Chicken Club
Future Medical Professionals Fridays at lunch in T252 immersing students into a community of prospective medical professions
Give a Child a Hand
Glee Club Wednesday at lunch in F136 for people who didn’t have a chance to join the choir
G.S.A (Genders and Sexualities Alliance) Wednesdays at lunch in B101 making sure the members of the LGBT+ community are safe in our school
Harmony for the heart Tuesdays at lunch to spread joy to others through music
Helping Hands Wednesdays at lunch in T254 to help the community through art-based service projects and supporting the arts
Hugs in a blanket wednesday lunch C217 make and donate blankets
Investments and Stock Market Club
Jewish Club Thursday at lunch in E124 to inform others about Jewish religion and culture
Jiu-Jitsu Club
JSU Mondays in E124 lunch gathering Jewish students to teach them about   and help connect them to the religion
Key Club Monday at lunch in E235 to raise money for charities and do community service
Kids Kicking Cancer Thursday’s at lunch in the college office raising money for pediatric cancer research
Knights and ladies Thursdays at lunch in oral arts to volunteer for both Taft charter high school and the community
Korean Club Fridays at lunch in D222 To learn the Korean language and culture
Martial Arts Club Tuesdays at lunch in C105 to teach kids self-defense techniques
Marvel Club
Mental Health Club Wednesday’s M266 at lunch To make people feel free to talk about their mental illness and make mental health more of a hot topic
Miles For Treasurer run and use app to raise money for a charity of choice
Model UN in T153 Tuesdays at lunch to give students the opportunity to participate in global discussions through the united nations
Music Analysis
My Gen My Fight Thursday’s M266 at lunch To bring awareness to human trafficking
Nintendo Club wednesday at lunch in C211 learn good sportsmanship and learn to work together with students with varying abilities
Open Arms
Political Awareness Club Thursday in H141 at lunch to write and recite poetry in front of peers to improve
Rap club
Robotics Club Thursday after school in the annex
Rocketry Club  at lunch on Wednesdays lunch and after school building model rockets for competition purposes
Rock ‘n’roll Club Thursday at lunch in D123 to share the love of rock music with people
Russian Culture Club
SAT Club Monday at lunch and Wednesdays after school in B203 to help prepare kids for the SAT
Sex Squad in B101 at lunch and C11 at nutrition and after school to advocate a peer-led sexual education
Social Justice Club Thursday’s at lunch at lunch in M263 Educating students about the issues going on in the world surrounding human rights and how to solve them
SRLA Monday and Thursday after school E235 To train students to compete in LA marathons
STEAM Innovators Friday H139 lunch in annex to discuss STEAM careers to explore
Stock market club  at lunch in M160 to teach students how to use the stock market to make investments that will improve their future financial security
Teen Court Club
The Guild Friday at lunch in C272 to talk about our favorite hobbies
Torah Studies Club Friday at lunch in E124 teaching students the studies and teachings within the Torah
Toyz 4 Kids Friday at lunch M225 make cards for children in hospitals and donate toys to kids in hospitals
True Vision Thursday at lunch in E235 empowering people to cause social change
Truth be Told Wednesday at lunch in B104 religion
Ukulele Club friday at lunch in M263 To spread and preach the Gospel and have fellowship
UNICEF  at lunch in B101 to raise and funds and awareness for children in poverty and third world countries
Women in STEAM
Senior Steering Wednesday at nutrition in B203 fundraise money and plan senior events for the class of 2019
Junior Steering Tuesday at lunch in M266 to fundraise and organize/plan events for senior year
Sophomore steering
Freshman Steering on Mondays at lunch in B201 fundraising and gaining money for senior events