Frozen II-Elsa Lives to Sing Another Day


Gursimran Kaur, Copy Editor

The second installment of Disney’s Frozen franchise is hitting theaters on November 22, 2019. Following Olaf, Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, and Sven, we are ramping up for an epic adventure of magical proportions. The award-winning cast that holds a special place in our hearts, is set to bring again one of the biggest animated movies in the world. The original Frozen broke box office records, and “Let It Go” joyfully tortured parents worldwide. It tortured parents because, at that time, all the kids wanted to listen to was “Let it Go’’. When Frozen first came out in 2013, it was ranked as the 15th highest-grossing movie of all time. As the much-anticipated premiere happens, we’ll see is this movie breaks any records than the previous Frozen. Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck are back to direct this much-anticipated sequel. The song ‘’Into the Unknown’’, is being promoted all around from Instagram, Snapchat, all the way to Twitter and Youtube. And we are already blessed with music from such names as Panic at the Disco and Idina Menzel.

This movie takes place three years after the events of the first film. The movie itself is about the gang leaving Arendelle to travel to the ancient forest to discover the origin of Elsa’s extraordinary powers. Critics say the movie’s graphics look out of this world! Since the movie is introducing at least seven new characters, you will get more in-depth of the movie. One shocking part is that there are theories going around that Elsa and Anna’s parents, Queen Iduna and King Agnarr, are alive and will be making an entrance in the movie. This specific theory made the movie even more anticipated. If you didn’t know, a chief creative officer at Pixar, John Lassater states that’’ had so much fun making Frozen Fever, that they were excited to make a sequel’’. So this means that the short Frozen Fever, inspired Frozen 2. This makes the movie even more interesting to watch. Are you ready to watch Frozen 2?