Spooky Senior Movie Night


On Thursday, November 21st, the class of 2020 held a Senior Karaoke and Movie Night. The time of the event was from 6:30-9:00 pm in the big gym, and it was $10 during nutrition and $12 at the door. The movie that the seniors planned to see was “Us”. This movie is about a family returning to their beachfront home where the mom grew up as a child. The mother is haunted by a traumatic experience from the past and grows concerned that something bad was going to harm not only to her but her family. Her fears become a reality as a masked family who looked like them come after them. The night included entry with pizza, soda, popcorn, candy, and a churro. You could even wear your very own pajamas and bring pillows and blankets.

The event was very well done. When you show them your entry ticket they give you a little orange voucher to get the free food that they provide. There was a big blue mat and students put down their blankets. Some of them chose to relax while others talked or ate with their friends. The first 30 minutes were for the karaoke songs that were played with students singing to the music. Shortly after the movie began to play. The students seemed very engaged and were surprised at different plot twists. While some did not know how to interpret the ending of the movie, most enjoyed their experience. The event ended at 10 pm

I personally enjoyed the event. I dressed up in my PJ and slippers. The gym was filled up and all of my friends were wearing PJs and had their own blanket to lie down on. I honestly was having different kinds of reactions when seeing the movie like laughter, shock, fear, and happiness at behind around people I am close with. So far, this has been the best senior event I have been.