Santa 4 Students: Big Toys for Little Kids


From November 14 until December 12, ASB is hosting an event called “Santa 4 Students”. The goal is to donate as many toys to your 3rd period teacher as you can. The only regulations for the toys were that they weren’t allowed to gift weapons, stuffed animals, or used objects. The period with the most amount of toys donated would win a donut party. After the fundraiser is over the gifts will go to an elementary school called Telfair Elementary. This school has the highest percentage of homeless students out of the LAUSD’s estimated 16,000. According to the LA School Report, there were about 24 percent (739 students) that were homeless in 2017-2018.

On November 18, a small crate was given to every period 3 teacher with the hope that the crate would be filled up with toys.
Emily Interiano, a member of the ASB cabinet who said that there are about +500 toys currently wrapped. The purpose of the whole event? For charity. “[To help us] Be thankful of what we have.” On December 13, ASB will be heading to the elementary school to deliver these presents in person. A previous teacher at Taft, who moved out of state a few years ago, still chooses to come back every year to play Santa on the field trip.
Young kids, who still believe in Santa, would be crushed to find out that they might not get presents on Christmas. Kids at Telfair are getting the chance to have their dreams come true, and students at Taft are the people behind it. Every child should have a toy that they can play with. It’s upsetting to see when a child has no toys to play with, while others have multiple. This event can bring joy to kids in the classroom and give them something that they can be thankful for this holiday season.