Spring training Has Started for Baseball


Cactus League practices during spring training.

Baseball’s spring training has now begun! In MLB (Major League Baseball), spring training is a series of practice demonstration games leading up to the start of the regular season. The training allows new players to try out for roster and position spots and gives established players practice time preceding to competitive play. Spring training usually lasts about two months, starting in mid-February and lasting until just before opening day in the regular season.

There has been one team that has been receiving a lot of hate. That team is the Houston Astros. This team was found to have been cheating by stealing the signs of opposing teams using technology during the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The 2017 season is where they won their first-ever World Cup. The Astros cheating scandal is a big reason for them getting hit by pitches. Seven Astro players have been hit. Out of the nine games, they played so far, they’ve won only four. Only time will tell how they play in the competitive season.

Whichever teams play well during spring training, they are expected to play well during the regular season. The training allows new players to try out for spots in the teams while existing team players get in top shape for the coming season. In the Grapefruit League (Florida Teams), Miami Marlins have had seven wins since the training started and only two losses. The Pittsburgh Pirates only have two wins and seven losses. Out of these two teams, The Miami Marlins are expected to do better in the regular season. The Cactus League (Arizona Teams), the San Diego Padres have been playing really well so far. They have seven wins and one loss. The Arizona Diamondbacks have two wins and six losses. If to compare which team would do better in the regular season just based on these standings, the San Diego Padres would do better. The team in the Grapefruit League that has the most losses is currently the Pittsburgh Pirates. The team in the Cactus League that has the most losses is currently the Arizona Diamondbacks. The teams that aren’t playing well right now can bring up their scores in the month or so remaining before the regular season starts. Overall, spring training is what’s going to help your favorite players get their groove back and win you a World Cup.