Mortal Kombat Review


Warner Bros. Films

The Poster for Mortal Kombat (2021).

Almost two and a half weeks later, Mortal Kombat made 76.7 million dollars, which is 25.4 million dollars more than the second Mortal Kombat, at the box office, and during a pandemic, this film has been available on streaming services as well as in theaters, where more people are going to see it in person.

Mortal Kombat was initially delayed when the director, Simon McQuoid, had thought it was best to wait after the massive success of Godzilla vs Kong in order to not lose any money. It also didn’t help that theaters can only open with small capacities, unable to fit a lot of people, and in return, had lost the opportunity to gain more money from the people who bought tickets. After 24-years and 55 million dollars later, the movie is finally released. Critics say this was not the best time to release the movie since it only made 66.9 million dollars, which is a little over what it cost to make the movie.

Since this movie was released, people have said that they think the movie was fantastic, but was just released at the wrong time, because it’s not like it’s a popular movie compared to Marvel films, but just more gruesome, as Mortal Kombat doesn’t have that many fans, and with theaters in small capacities, that’s two major aspects that weren’t on their side money-wise. With Covid cases decreasing, and movies needing to be released, movie theaters across the country have been reopening which has been a positive sign for a lot of people like me, as it will resurrect a stable income for movie theaters. Within this past month we went from red tier to orange tier so that opened up theaters more and let more people go watch the movies which was a really good thing for movies.

Mortal Kombat was an amazing movie that was released in a better time than Wonder Woman or Mulan, since those were released in purple and red tier and made no money since no one could watch them in theaters. Now, more and more people are able to go watch this movie and still can go watch this movie and enjoy eating the snacks and watching the movie on a big screen.