Opinion: Students Should be Vaccinated to Return to In-Person Learning


R. Lasky

Nurses man the Covid Testing tent at Taft Campus.

Students returning to in-person learning should be vaccinated to ensure all students and teachers return safely for the fall semester. Individuals who are twelve and older are now eligible to be vaccinated, therefore most high school and middle school students are eligible. The Pfizer Vaccine is available to those who are twelve and older and has an effectiveness rate of 95%. Schools in California have vaccine mandates currently, so the Covid vaccine should be added to this list.

Schools have hallways which can lead to an easy transmission of covid between students since it is an airborne virus. Additionally, students involved in sports have a harder time keeping their masks up, so the vaccine will add an extra layer of protection.

The benefits of having all students and staff vaccinated is that schools can eliminate temperature checks and covid testing getting students to class faster.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines, “If you’re fully vaccinated you can resume activities without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.”

Students will also be able to spend time with their friends with no masks, and not struggle with a mask walking up stairs. Lunch time can be considered normal again with everyone spread out around campus enjoying time with their friends from other classes. Students that are vaccinated will not have to worry about masks while eating.

“I believe it is safer for the staff and the students if a majority of students are fully vaccinated before returning to campus. Personally, I have felt safer hanging out with friends who I know are fully vaccinated rather than those who aren’t,” stated Olivia Hokr, a student at Taft Charter High School.

If all students have to be vaccinated it will put parents’ minds at ease, as they feel their children can return safely and not bring the coronavirus home. “I definitely feel better with kids being vaccinated, and I had my daughter be vaccinated. I feel more at ease resuming normal life and knowing she will be safe but also protect our baby from the virus as he cannot be vaccinated. Of course, I would feel better if all the kids were vaccinated but I don’t think that should be enforced,” explained Mina Garret, a parent to a student at Taft Charter High School.

Parents will be able to have their kids be social and interact with friends whilst still being protected from the Coronavirus.