Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Drucker

Mrs. Drucker is a fabulous teacher at Taft Charter High School where she has been teaching for thirty-two years! She teaches Algebra 2 and Algebra 1. A little fun fact is her husband and daughter also work at Taft, her daughter is also a math teacher and husband is an Athletic Director and girls basketball coach. “I have loved teaching with my husband for years as that is how we met. Having my daughter join us has been amazing, especially since we share a math gene. She has made me a better math teacher with new ideas that she has for technology.”

Mrs. Drucker was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Studio City which is an old fashioned neighborhood over the hill from Hollywood.

In Fifth grade, Mrs. Drucker’s teacher was exceptionally good at explaining math and challenged her with pre-algebra, making her realize she wanted to be a teacher.

She graduated from UCLA in Los Angeles, California with a Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degrees. “I loved my days at UCLA. They are definitely part of my fondest memories in my life. I still enjoy going back to campus for events that I get invited to. Being a math major was quite challenging though. I did learn to advocate for myself and seek help with coursework as needed. They do not make it easy on students”, explained Mrs. Drucker.

In Mrs. Drucker’s free time, she loves to cook and her favorite food is Italian. Her favorite movie to watch is My Fair Lady. My Fair Lady is a musical in which a professor transforms a working class girl into a member of high society.

When asked what is rewarding about teaching she replied, “It is the most rewarding career, and I still love what I do as much as when I first began to teach. I believe that it has enhanced my life from the students and families I have met while at Taft. I get super excited when a former student emails me telling me they ended up becoming a math teacher because of their experience of being in my class. Math is not everyone’s favorite subject, and so if they like it a little more after being in my class then I know I have done my job.”