Marvel Movies’ Impact on Gen Z


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Marvel Studios is the film and television company behind all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Out of the thousands of movies that have premiered since the year 2008, only one franchise has had a tremendous impact on Generation Z (b. 1997-2012): The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), movies that are based on a series of different comics that were published by Marvel Comics. This vast universe gained a place in popular culture and the superhero genre.

Beginning in the year 2008, with the hit movie Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr, the Marvel Cinematic Universe captured the imaginations of people across the globe. Since then, the renowned franchise has grossed more than 41 billion dollars at the global box office. In return, this franchise has allowed billions of people to connect to heroes, major or minor, which leads them to come back for more when a new Marvel movie is released.

Following the year 2008, there have now been 27 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies released, with more to be released as the year progresses. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has even branched out onto a streaming service of its parent company, Disney, known as Disney +, with the following TV shows: Wandavision, Loki, Hawkeye, What If…?, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier and more. Due to the MCU’s popularity, Disney Parks opened “Avengers Campus” in mid-2017 at the Disney California Adventure Park. Marvel has even impacted family board games such as Monopoly.

Since Marvel’s conquest of popular culture, in recent years, it has become common for one to name their child after a character from the MCU, with names such as Parker, Wade, and Valkyrie growing in immense popularity. However, out of all of the generations who have been able to experience the genius of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Generation Z’s connection with The Marvel Cinematic Universe goes much deeper.

“I grew up with Marvel movies so they’ve had a big impact on my childhood and my upbringing. I’ve gotten closer with a lot of my friends by bonding over various characters and movies. I think the same goes for a lot of people. And now since they’re so accessible via streaming, everybody knows even the most obscure characters in the MCU,” Mia Derrick, a junior at Taft, stated about the impact of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Generation Z.

Even though the Marvel Cinematic Universe has positive effects on our society as “it shows kids the nuanced in being a person too and how people can change ” as stated by junior Jessica Ambers.

Still, it does have its downsides.

“I think the MCU has definitely numbed our generation to violence,” Jessica Ambers stated her opinion on how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has an impact on Generation Z.

In spite of the fact that Marvel movies do contain scenes of violence, these scenes have also impacted the way that Generation Z views the vast genres of science fiction and action movies.

“Green and blue screens play a big part in Marvel movies and I think nowadays a lot of other action movies are following suit using computer graphics over practical effects. The idea of a multiverse almost feels exclusive to Marvel because of their big superhero team ups and whatnot. It’s so common to see people with superhuman abilities on screen that I think now some people might even see it as boring when an action movie just has regular people.” Derrick stated, regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe changed Generation Z’s perspective on science fiction and action genres.

Even though the MCU was born and nurtured in this generation, the legacy of the movies and their influences on society and popular culture will continue to live for generations. Not only did the MCU portray superheroes, it portrayed funny, relatable characters in a way that made audiences across the globe grow attached. Marvel movies set in stone the expectations of what superheroes are supposed to be and the stories that they are supposed to tell. And for that, an entire generation is eternally grateful.