14 Valentine’s Day Activities for the Single

That still keep the theme of love (somewhat)

Valentine’s Day is a date that celebrates romantic relationships and the idea of love between couples. People often declare their feelings for another on this day or do something extremely romantic with their partners or for their crushes. But what about all the single folk out there, especially the ones who don’t want to participate in this event or don’t have anyone to celebrate it with?

Thankfully, this list compiles 14 (somewhat) non-romantic activities that you can do by yourself or with a buddy (and comes with varying degrees of violence). So, to all the single ladies out there, here are 14 unique ways you can have fun this Valentine’s Day.

Take a Self-Care day

Illustrations: Emily Castellon

This activity is a bit basic, but is a way to show yourself some love. There are many different types of self-care things you can do, some free, some costing money. Whatever your budget, there are a lot of sources that offer some guides to the self-care world.

Planting Flowers That Symbolize Love

For this activity, you’ll probably want to get a few things prepared beforehand (at least a day or two, though the day of should work out fine). Flowers have carried deep meaning throughout history and for many different empires, and with that, there are a few different options when it comes to “love flowers”. The guide above has a few different flowers and their meanings, but there are also many (many) online resources that talk about even more flowers and what they symbolize.

Make a Friendship Bouquet

While we’re still on the topic of flowers, another idea that involves them is making a “friendship bouquet”. In addition to traditional “love flowers”, there are also flowers that symbolize friendship and have platonic meanings. Once you have the bouquet ready, you can also attach a little slip of paper that the receiver can read to learn about the meanings of the flowers.

Make The “F-You” Bouquet

Illustrations: Emily Castellon

This one, in all honesty, is a little bit direct but can be funny in the right context. Just like there are flowers with meanings of endearment, there are also flowers that can be used to represent your… dislike for someone, let’s put it that way. And with the right combination of petals, you too can make what is known as the “F-you” bouquet.

Sleep Through It

Whether it’s because you pulled an all-nighter the day before, or because you just can’t stand lovey-dovey day, there’s always the option of sleeping through it. Especially if this day falls on a weekend, you’ll be sure to wake up feeling refreshed (especially if it’s just a nap you take)

Take Your Parent Out to Eat

Just like with your friend, you can treat your mom or dad to some good food to show your appreciation for them.

Learn More About the History Of Valentine’s Day

Illustrations: Emily Castellon

Now, I know that studying might sound like a bore, but learning about something when it’s of your own volition is a lot more exciting. Especially something as interesting as Valentine’s Day. From the research I’ve already done, the origin and history are really interesting! The origins aren’t exactly what you’d expect from a holiday celebrating love, but nonetheless romantic traditions eventually began and grew into what they are today.

Try Something New

Trying something new can be fun, and is an activity that is not usually exclusive to valentine’s day. But, you can spice it up by trying a new hobby that has some relation to love or romance. What I mean by that is, baking chocolates, creating a service that sells romantic cards, making candles, things like that. Or, you know, you could just take up drawing.

Send Anti V-Day Cards to Your Friends

Illustrations: Emily Castellon

Take the traditional Valentine-card trope to the next level, and just make cheesy cards telling your friends how much you don’t like them (jokingly, of course). Cards like “You suck!” or “I hate you!” are an interesting way to get a kick out of V-Day, just make sure your friends know it’s all in good fun. There are a lot of funny and cool options online that you can print out, or you could even just DIY it and make your own fun cards.

Make a Love Playlist

While this idea comes the closest to romance on this whole list, it’s actually a pretty solitary activity you can do. There are many many (many) love songs out there, and are all about different things, like falling out of love and finding love in yourself. Doing a themed playlist like ones that contain anti-romance songs only or Only Songs That Have The Word ‘Love’ in it are a fun way to switch up your daily music playlists. I even took a shot at it, and I have to say, I’m kinda in love with the playlist that I made.

Make a Romantic Love Letter… and Burn it

Out of all the ideas on this list, this is one of the more exciting (and violent) ideas. Love letters are really cliche, so burning one filled with lots of passion is a very symbolic gesture.

Ask Someone Out on a Platonic “Date”

Illustrations: Emily Castellon

If this sounds like just asking your friend to hang out, then you’re right, because that’s essentially what it is. But, going “out” on a platonic date can make things a lot more fun and interesting, because you can treat this day as a real date, just without the romance-y bits. You can go out with your friend to a movie or to eat somewhere, just anywhere that the typical date would take you. There are a lot of opportunities here, the world is your oyster after all.

Bake Chocolates

Initially, the idea was to just buy chocolates at the store and hoard them for your own, but baking them yourself is a much more exciting ]idea that can also be relaxing and fun.

Forget About It

The last and final activity, the ultimate way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to simply… forget about it.