Review: Season 4 Part 2 of Attack on Titan: Are you ready for The Rumbling?


Attack On Titan, Final Season Part 2 (Image: Funimation)

Hajima Isayama has been writing Attack on Titan, AOT for short, for years and finally this amazingly animated story is coming to an end. Every Sunday from January 9th to March 27th at 12:00 a.m, viewers from around the world are watching Eren, a brave soldier, bring his plan for freedom to his world and people. The ending is exciting but I’m sure fans are not excited to see many of their favorite characters die. Only a few episodes have aired but the ending has definitely been worth waiting for.

Throughout the years, AOT has been surprising fans with many twists and turns. The story begins with Eren, Amin, and Mikasa’s home being destroyed by creatures called titans. Eren is enraged because he loses someone very important to him because of the titans. He then makes a promise to himself to kill every blood lusting titan and free his island of Paradis.

The new episodes are surreal and exciting and every week it keeps me wanting more. The episode I’ve found the most interesting is, ΅From You, 2000 Years Ago”. SPOILERS: The scene where King Fritz made his children eat their mom (Ymir) was gut wrenching . The story-telling and the animations were so good, I could feel her suffering coming through my screen.

The best part is that so far the anime hasn’t skipped or changed any important parts of the manga. Finally, we’re seeing Erens plan for the Founding Titan and all the secrets the power has hidden, transferred from a page to a screen.

Only 12 new episodes are airing and the storyline in the anime is flowing at a good pace. Some fans are speculating that 12 episodes aren’t enough for the anime to fit in the entire manga finale. A lot of people are hoping that a movie will be made from the final chapters in the manga.
This new AOT season’s storyline, animations, and character development are all breathtaking. Even though it is the end of years of work I’m excited to see the ending.