Valentine’s Day Is Coming up <3

Gift Ideas for February 14, the day we spend with the ones we love!

Wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day? With Valentine’s Day being a week away, here are some ideas on gifts, cards, and baking inspirations for your family and loved ones!

For the Valentine that has a sweet tooth!

Heart shaped Cinnamon Rolls (Via Social Media (posted with permission))

Heart-Shaped Cinnamon rolls

Take pre-made cinnamon roll dough, with the center still coiled, carefully unwind each roll into a long strip of dough. Make two equal coils by coiling the unrolled end of each strip toward the center. Pull the strip’s center down to create a point and a heart-shaped shape; crimp the tip. Placing with the middle pointing in the pan can give symmetry and style.

Heart-Decorated Red Velvet Cookies (Via TikTok: @liv1ivliv)

Red Velvet Cookies

With red hearts being associated with love and Valentine’s Day, you can bake red velvet cookies from scratch or buy cake mix!
Recipes like Dessertfortwo’s can be simple, quick and show that you put in effort.

Valentine’s chocolates and candies (Pexels: Jill Wellington)

Boxes of Chocolates!

You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates. Who wouldn’t love that? What would be better than chocolate-covered strawberries? How about chocolate-covered marshmallows?

For the valentine who loves Legos!

Lego has a variety of valentines sets which are a great way to spend time with your special person!
Visit or the Lego store at the Topanga Westfield for options.

A Heart wreath made of Legos (Via Lego)

Flower bouquet

Celebrate love with a magnificent bouquet of vivid flowers that will last a lifetime! This collection, inspired by actual flowers such as roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies, and grasses, is sure to feature your love’s favorite bloom.

A flower bouquet fit for a vase (Via Lego)

Heart Ornament

All that’s left to do is determine where to hang it after you’ve added the hanger item for display and plenty of optional accessories for total personalization. It’s ideal for their room or locker, and you’ll think of each other every time you see it.

For the Valentine who can hand write you a note!

A love Letter Stationary set sold by MollymookStationery on Etsy (Via Etsy)

Write each other letters

What better method to express your undying love for one another than in writing? Buy expensive stationery and even a wax seal. It’s the ideal gesture for couples who are at heart an old couple.

A hand-drawn card (Via Pexels:

Handmade cards

Receiving a card gives you something physical to display, preserve, and gaze at whenever you need a reminder of those lovely words and that memorable moment or day. Who wouldn’t appreciate a simple/cheesy handmade card?