What is the future of music listening? Are radios going to disappear?


Via Dall-E

A Teen Listens to Music

Have you ever thought about how we will be listening to music in the future? Are we all going to listen to music only on Spotify or will the radio still be around? It’s no major secret that everyone uses some sort of streaming platform, which includes; Spotify, apple music, SoundCloud, and many more. But is that what we will be using for the rest of our lives?

In a month alone, over 433 million people listen to music on Spotify, and over 13 million people listen to the radio station a single month alone. It may seem like the radio isn’t going to be around forever, but that’s not quite right.

It costs approximately $3,000 weekly to share your music on air, and for radio hosts to promote it. Yet you still get royalties which can vary and can quite add up to make a profit. With streaming platforms, on the other hand, many artists can upload their music for little to no cost, but only receive around $.0005 per stream their fan base makes, which can be a lot of money if you have roughly a billion streams. But sadly it doesn’t happen quickly and takes time, which is where radio stations come in.

You can use radio stations to share your music and gain an audience. So it is pretty clear that radio stations are still in the picture. They simply just won’t be as popular since the younger generations are more attached to their cellphones rather than their radios.