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Coach Red- Coach to many, loved by all.

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To the students at Taft High School, Coach Red is a loyal, hardworking defensive coordinator for the football team. He has coached football for six years at various levels, i.e; pop warner and high school. When asked why he became a football coach, he responded, “because he had such a good role model of a coach when he played football, and he wants to help others become the best that they can be”. Prior to becoming a football coach, he worked for LA sanitation. A love for the city keeps him working with the students of LAUSD, and supporting LA in a new way.  

Coach Red, a very optimistic man, holds a belief that his team can do whatever they put their minds to. When asked which teams does he think the Taft can beat he replied, “Everyone in the league.” Now, most people would have given up some hope when their team has 0 wins and 8 losses, but not our coach. Focusing on small progress rather than the big W. Coach Red keeps his team motivated and coming back to the field week after week. Even with many other, probably winning, teams begging him to come to coach their teams, he refuses to leave our school. His one hope is to be an inspiration for all the athletes and coaches that will come to Taft after him.

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Charisma Yousefzadeh, Section Editor

Hi, I’m Charisma and I am a senior at Taft Charter High School. I’m the girl with the duck backpack. Technically I have already graduated from junior...

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One Response to “Coach Red- Coach to many, loved by all.”

  1. Dylan Fischbach on November 5th, 2018 4:49 pm

    I liked how this article described Coach Red as a great person who is an inspiration because during the short time I have been at Taft, he has been very supportive and friendly. I like how the writer described Coach Red and could not agree more with everything the writer said.

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Coach Red- Coach to many, loved by all.