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Destiny Clark and Briana Alcaraz

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In past years, Taft seniors have been able to go all out for their last ID photos of their high school careers. Wigs, funky hair, crazy glasses, big jackets, funny faces, and more. However, at the beginning of this school year, seniors were told that they were no longer allowed to include crazy props and other accents. Administration had put a strict rule in place that prohibited taking “goofy” ID pictures using accessories and, undoubtedly, many seniors were very frustrated and upset. The Class of 2019 was looking forward to following a coveted senior tradition and were angry when they heard it had been taken away. Although this rule was being enforced, some seniors were able to squeak by admin by not including obvious accessories. 

Senior Nicole De Leon

Senior Diana Delgado








These seniors have been waiting three years to take their last memorable ID photos, but were banned from doing so. We went around campus and asked our fellow classmates and teachers how they felt about this rule. Here is what they had to say:


What do you think about the rule for seniors not being able to be goofy for their ID pictures?


Vanessa Escovar (grade 12)- “I think [funny school pictures] should be allowed because three years have gone by and our last one should be memorable.”


John Halverson (grade 12)- “I think [goofy ID photos] should be allowed because it’s only our school ID.”


We asked the same question to two of Taft’s teachers and these are the responses we got from them:


Mr. Derry (History Teacher)- “The IDs are used to identify yourselves. You would not take goofy pictures on a license or passport.”


Ms. Casas (English Teacher)- “It’s a matter of safety to have an accurate picture. Students shouldn’t be punished if they come to school goofy, but we can regulate the picture by removing their accessories to make them recognizable.”


It is understandable where both sides are coming from. Seniors have waited for their chance to make their last year of high school momentous, but keeping in mind all that has occurred throughout the past years, it is a matter of security to be able to identify students. It’s important for seniors to feel that their last year is unforgettable, and it is possible for them to do so without including accessories that make them unrecognizable. Although seniors were upset, they got through picture day and are awaiting many other opportunities to make their final year at Taft High great. 


Should seniors be allowed to take goofy photos?

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