Fantasy Island Review


“Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island (or simply Fantasy Island) is a 2020 American supernatural horror film directed and co-written by Jeff Wadlow. A horror reimagining of ABC’s 1977 television series of the same name, the plot follows five people who visit the eponymous island, discovering that their fantasies brought to life turn into horrific living nightmares they must try to survive.”

This movie was very enjoyable for me. I love how in the beginning it starts off on an adventurous and friendly vacation setting. It starts off all happy and funny, leaving that impression that the movie is going to be a comedy. Instead, you are faced with exactly that and horror. With five guests, all looking for their fun fantasy.

Melanie Cole, came to the island to get her fantasy of revenge on a highschool bully. As she enters her fantasy, it turns into something that she would have never seen. There is also a twist involving her at the end of the movie.

Gwen Olsen wanted the fantasy of getting a redo with her ex-boyfriend. As she is still emotionally drained, she journeys through her fantasy confused by what she finds. Not only does her fantasy come to life, but there is a surprise. A twist in fact, that no one could have imagined, not even the characters themselves.

Patrick Sullivan wants a chance to be in the army just like his dad. As he thinks it’s going to be a simulation, he is shocked to find out his fantasy goes deeper than imagination. He wants to live out a fantasy that will somehow make him closer to his dad.

Brax Weaver and J.D. Weaver, brothers, both wanted to endure their fantasy of having a huge house with a lot of beautiful girls. As they think it’s just a fantasy of a fun party, turns out something else is just around the corner.

Mr.Roarke, the owner of the resort, is in charge of orchestrating all the fantasies. He seems nice at first but soon his true colors show. As his back story about his relationship with his wife comes to the light, more secrets are unleashed.

Julia, the concierge, seems off from the beginning. She says everything with a sly smile, leaving each guest a little confused. She helps each guest into their room for the vacation, but comes off as unnervingly scary.

With all these characters, the movie is never predictable. Every time you think you know what’s going to happen next, you are proven wrong. I would definitely say this movie is 7/10. Even though it was really good, there are still movies that outdo it in the thrilling and terrifying categories. I would recommend this movie to fans of horror and thriller movies.