ASB Toy Drive in Full Swing at Taft


Adam Feyder

Daniella Akselrod and Thalia Agopian wrapping presents.

The ASB club in Taft Charter High School is organizing a toy drive for children at Telfair Elementary School.

ASB members are collecting toys and advertising for the toy drive. They wrap all the gifts and ensure they are all set, organized, and prepared for delivery at Telfair Elementary School.

Edan Saedi, the president of the ASB club, says it is his favorite event of the year because “the look you see on students’ faces when you hand them their toys, who won’t get a toy for the holiday, brings you to tears. Sometimes just being there, it’s a very emotional day for all of us and It’s a really great opportunity for us to realize how blessed we are to be a part of such a wonderful community where we can do all these wonderful things.”

However, Saedi explains, “we need to make sure that the age is appropriate for students. We also have to make sure we are not giving weapons to students. If any of our toys require batteries, we make sure we buy batteries for them. We try our best not to put Play-Doh or anything that could be a hazard to students, especially now with the limitations we see with the COVID pandemic as well. So there’s a lot of moving parts to the project for sure, but it’s a very rewarding experience for all of us.”

He mentions, “Telfair Elementary School has one of the highest poverty rates in all of LAUSD and it is just a great opportunity for us to use the enthusiasm of our student population to give back to our community.”

Thalia Agopian, the junior class president and spirit head commissioner of the ASB club, is also participating in the event.

She looks forward to the event and says, “I am grateful to have an opportunity to give back to the community. This should be a chance for all Taft students to appreciate what they have and not take everything for granted.”

The event started a week before Thanksgiving, giving students more time to donate toys for the toy drive before the deadline on December 15th. However, it is recommended that Taft students donate earlier as it gives ASB members more time to prepare for delivery.

If students want to donate after the deadline they will have to wait until next semester.

The ASB club is known for donating to other organizations, such as daycares, nurseries, and children’s hospitals, so students will have plenty more opportunities to help out our community.